- Shad-o establishing his existance
"The only reason I have to give is because you're trying to be another Trainstorm; something this community does not need, and I don't really like your attitude. So there. Simple as that."
- InvertedShadow's reason for blocking Cheetah1251

TheInvertedShadow is a French-Finnish Gmodder and brony, and is the most awesomest animu brony Gmodder to ever exist on the face of the planet. He is one of the founders of Paperplane Inn., a nationally tragic hotel located in the city of DevArt that was rated 9 on a 1-11 scale.

Shad-o is really funny because he never gets points and decides to pursue whatever wrong conclusion he's found until he's all seething anger through his stoopid invert shad o face. Shad-o's videos are really really bad. He's like, one of the worst gmods out there yo. His old stuff was actually pretty good to his credit (Not in the impressive way, but in the way you could laugh at its flaws but also like appreciate that at least some sort of effort went in and want to see more) but ysee then all the details got worse and ugly and then on top of that he got these horses and was like "haha now i am the WORST" then he bit a hole in president wattanstein's stomach and replaced his blood supply with BBQ sauce which is double triple obnoxious.

Shad-O's weirdness rivals even SERGAI. He likes to rap badly but only in Belgium, he refuses to rap in other counties because their auras enhance his rap abilities. Shad-o likes to associate with Gog and provoke him to devour innocents; gets him killed 90% of the time though. Shad-o's least favorite pokemon is Salamence because Salamence is not only a pseudo-legendary with great stats and an incredible movepool, but it totally has it out for him, Salamence eetz shad-o ded,

If shad-o was in Kiwami he'd appear after Kiwami's signature attack, CCO would immediately punch him off screen, dead, and begin laughing, which would be followed by "NO. OR ENJOYING YOUR VICTORY, FUCKETH THY EXISTENCE MAN, NO FUN ALLOWED."



Her Majesty to the left and crippling depression and Queen Elizabeth II to the right.

Shadow appears as an actually human being wearing some sort of hat that I don't even know what is. Explaination plz?

Okay so y'see it's a cowboy hat because nobody told Shad-0 to get with the times. It makes him 34% weaker.

He is a violin, ask him if you don't believe me.

Personality & BehaviorEdit

Shadow considers himself friends with anyone else who is a brony or occasional anime watcher. However, he is not very fond of people who have a similar video-making style to AdmiralTrainstorm. He is also a long-time target of the president because he made Buddhist Murder Pyro, who is totally not just Christian Brutal Sniper as a Buddhist Pyro. And for enjoying his victory, despite the irony.

Shad-o throws tantrums like you wouldn't believe. It's okay though, he deserves it.

#THATPOWER - and JB Edit

Shadow has the ability to make other shadows and use them as projectiles, which is pretty cool, ya' know? He also has the ability to tell off people who look like AdmiralTrainstorm with his stylin' logic.

He goes "EUH HUH HUH"

Sometimes he turns into TheIneptShadow, and dies. And then he's TheInterceptedShadow when people get to things before him and he's all "EUH, SO CLOSE" And then he's TheInedibleShadow, which of course poses a challenge that Gog WILL conquer y'see.


In other words this article has been claimed by Hitler.
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