Baseball loser

The face of Strike Número Dos.

The Baseball Guy is a fucking nutcase who should be incarcerated.


The Baseball Guy sounds really weird in a funny way. He also gets way too evil about baseball. He throws pitches and I bet he kills people. He sometimes sets the ball on fire and throws it. While that sounds like a job for a simple dodge, this is no ordinary though. The Baseball Guy does this with his infamous fastball attack, which he announces the fuck out of and then do-ifies it.

Sometimes he really fucks with people and goes "MIRA ESTO! MI ATAQUE QUE BOLA RAPIDO!" which is some nifty alien language he learned from Zerostyle.and CCO.

The baseball guy never enjoys his victory so he is immune to all forms of No. He just throws more baseballs instead of enjoying. He is also too permanently angry about baseball to consider such a thingy.


Dr Irie Edit

Dr Irie from Higurashi didn't actually kill himself. Because he was being the coach of the baseball team earlier when they forced him to hang with Keichi, he ran into the baseball guy and the baseball guy killed his ass.

Baseball guy 2

One of those shady types.

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