The BurgerLord vs Devad Battle was a little side-war that was going on alongside the THG Conflict.

History Edit

So, once upon a war, BurgerLord decided to press THG's buttons (my reason's a different story, ladies n' gents), after a few months of this, Devad decided to take action and threaten BurgerLord by saying (and I quote):

"Listen up, you --censored for your pleasure--. If you don't leave THG, my friend alone, I will turn your life into a living hell and make you depressed all the time. You have been warned.

Fucking moron..."

This, of course, got him banned from the Freakshow Concept Wiki, but that didn't stop there. BurgerLord then proceeded to taunt Devad on many other topics (like his threat, his homosexual relationship with THG, that good stuff). Of course, this war wouldn't have happened if he decided to approach BurgerLord reasonably, but, eh. He's just as much a faggot as THG is.

Later on in the war (January 4th, 2016), Devad decided adopting BurgerLord's method of mocking and trolling and tried to use it against him, which predictably ended in failure.

On 1/16/2016, Devad had a Heel-Face Turn (a.k.a. learning the errors of his ways) and realized that THG was leading him to a life of internet infamy. After realizing this, he started to resent THG and he apologized to Saris and BurgerLord, bringing this battle to a peaceful end, but the main war still rages on.

The Armies Edit

The Burger Army Edit

BurgerLord - Commander in Chief of the Burger Army - Twisted God of Burgers and Edits (as beautifully put by Admiral)

Icy guy - Sergeant Major of the Burger Army

Friendly Neighborhood Evil Genius Spider-Mad - First time I've been involved in this battle.

Saris - Not exactly in the army, but he seems happy to help.

The Veteran - Believed Devad is a mistake of nature, but they're fine with each other now.

Criminal Mischief Charles - Off kicking people to death.

Bobo - ...

Nylten - Appears to be an ally.

Our theme.

The Edgy Army Edit

Devad - Generalissimo of the Edgy Army (Now ally of BurgerLord)

THG - Sergeant Major of the Edgy Army - Devad's former friend (You were loud and ugly and now you're DEAD, amen.)

Typewriter - "TEN DOLLAR BILL!"

Divider - "HE DIDN'T LOSE. HE'S INVINCIBLE!!!!" ~ THG whenever Divider dies

Their theme.

Other Edit

Fancymann - Just wants to stay out of it

LE the Creator - I don't think he know's this is going on.

Admiral Trainstorm - Did a backflip or thirty-four.

DENSTIFY1 - "Please get out of my home."

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