The Phantom Führer is the 2nd main antagonist of Knights of The Canopy Kingdom and leader of Die Hand Von Mystic Krieg(The Hand of Mystic War), a surviving SS Officer of WWII who was a student of German Armed Forces member and scientist Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse and a undyingly loyal member of the Thule Society and apprentice of the self-proclaimed "Nordic Mystic" Karl Maria Wiligut, he appeares as a masked Burgundy Medic dressed in SS Officer Clothing, rising with his organization from underground below the German Castle Wewelsburg plans to take over the world to accopmlish what his Fuhrer and his teachers failed to do in the war, create a New World Order, and his plans is first to attack every defense this "Diseased World" has, and Retro Ace and his freinds are in his crosshairs.

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