*ringing noise of static*

My ear kept ringing nonstop, it was deafening, this had been going on for the past week, it was like the ringing noise when you turn on an old TV, that you hear the static or something like that. And to top it off, I felt like when you go into the water and get it in your ear? Like that, but all the time, so i could barely hear anything from my left ear. I had acquired and ear infection, by what means? I dunno, what I do know, was that it was pissing me off, I had pain on my ear as well, I couldn't sleep because the pain kept me awake, I couldn't burp because when I did my ear would pop painfully, I couldn't yawn because the same would happen. I was fucking tired of it.

*Thump* My ear popped " God-damn it" I angrily said to myself grasping at my ear "I'm tired of this shit" I announced. I picked up the phone and called my doctor. Mind you it was 10 pm, I dint have hopes of the doctor picking up at all *Phone ringing* The phone rang 3 times and then he picked up "Ah Michael what can I do for you" The doctor sounded all too awake, or maybe I just wasn't a night person."Doc my ear isn't getting better its been a week" I said very flustered. "I'm sorry Michael but we checked your ear, and it looked perfectly fine" the doctor tried to reassure me. " The medications that i gave you should relieve any pain that you might be experiencing" "Yeah well they aren't working Doc" I said with an irritate response. "My apologies Michael, could you pass by the office tomorrow evening so that we may examine y-..." *faint low murmur* "Gimmy a sec Doc I think i heard something" I removed the phone from my good ear and rested the phone on my shoulder and tried to listen out and I looked in the direction that I heard the murmur coming from, I was a 25 year old living in a small house alone, so it couldn't be anyone that Id know about, nothing, I dismissed it as just my head playing tricks on me " Yeah Ill go by tomorrow morning Doc" I said whilst not taking my eyes off the direction I heard the noise coming from. "Very well Michael, I shall see you tomorrow evening, now if you excuse me I must go back to some paperwork I need to get sorted" "Yeah sure doc" I replied " Goodnight Michael" "Night Doc".

The morning after that to my dismay, the doctor was found dead in his office, he was old and frail, everyone amused it was just a heart attack, considering they could not find any cause of death, he was just dead, on top of a stack of papers on his desk. "Poor old dude, you were a good man Doc" I said to myself while they took him out of his office. I thought to myself really not wanting to seem selfish "Shit, who's gonna check my ear n-" *THUMP* My ear popped even louder than before interrupting my thought, this time a small streak of blood came down the side of my head from my ear. I rushed home not really knowing what to do then suddenly i heard a murmur coming from the kitchen it sounded like more than 1 person, it sounded like 5 or 6,"Is someone here and i dint see them on my way in? Did they see me ?" Thoughts raced through my mind in an instant, I was frightened, I grabbed a baseball bat I had next to my bed and slowly crept into the kitchen, there was no one, fearing for my safety I quietly but quickly shuffled to my room, bat in hand, ready to smack a home run on anyone that appeared, I locked the door and called the police "911 What is your emergency?" The operator said "Yeah hi, I think that there is someone in my house" I replied in a slow tone "What is your location Sir.?" The operator asked "Its uh Jackson Rd. in Uptown County, I don't live far from the station" I stated " We'll send an officer over right away Sir. please remain calm and lock yourself somewhere safe, can you identify how many individuals there are Sir. ?" She pried " Uhhm I THINK that there are 4" the murmur got louder like if someone joined on in " Now wait " and then again " I think that there are 6 of them" " Alright Sir. stay calm help is on the way" It took the officers around 3 minutes to get to my house, I think there were 4 of them. "Put your hands up" I heard an officer say, a young voice, he could have been around my age. "What the f...., come take a look guys" He said to the other officers. I heard them walk in and inspect the area, " Officers don't shoot I'm the one who called " I stated while walking out of my room with my hands in the air. Trying to seem as docile as possible"Sir I think you should come with us, its not safe here " An older officer said in a concerned low raspy tone while gesturing me to the door quickly as the other officers looked at the kitchen, I dint get a look at it, they were too spooked to wait around, when we got to the station I asked what they saw, one of the officers replied " They um... they killed your cat Sir and um, the disemboweled it and sprawled it on the kitchen table..." I shivered and then remained frozen and I said in a low terrified tone... " I don't own a cat...."

I slept in the station for 3 days, as so they could keep an eye on me, however, on the day after I was taken to the station, the young officer who opened the door in my house was found dead in his home, his eyes were gouged out and he bled to death. Eventually I had to leave the station, not wanting to go to that house I rented an apartment, I stayed there for about a week, the last few days is when it started, I was loosing sight in my right eye, the doctors said that there was nothing wrong with it, i eventually lost almost all my sight in that eye, and almost all my hearing on my left ear. I had the doctors baffled, I just, lost a quarter of my senses out of thin air with no reason as to why, my ear never stopped popping, and I never stopped hearing the murmurs, but now, whenever I hear them out of my left ear, I can see from my right eye as long as they last, I started seeing weird shadows out of the corner of my right eye whenever I could hear the murmurs, every time they are closer and closer... I can see them almost a foot away, one more ear pop and- *THUMP*

Credited to Angelgod00 

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