The THG Conflict, for lack of a better name, was a battle between ToxicHolyGrenade (real name presumably "Andrew") and his cohorts, and SarisKhan and the FreakShow wiki community. 

History Edit

Early StagesEdit

According to Rivfruifv, the ToxicHolyGrenade Conflict had a prelude of sorts with Soldine173, which was ToxicHolyGrenade's first account. At 2:57 P.M. on August 26, 2012 (UTC), Kugawattan asked Soldine173 to stop making incorrect edits and Soldine173 snapped and insulted Kugawattan with RAGE. This argument made Kugawattan block THG's first account for one year. According to the source, soon after the argument, THG apologized by making a video and talking to Kugawattan, who accepted the apology. Shortly after THG made his second infamous account, Soldine1000.

THG, now known as Soldine1000, attempted to shoehorn his carbon copy OCs into SarisKhan's own modiverse. This included telling the latter (as opposed to, you know, asking for permission) about an alleged "sequel series" to QMSC featuring the deceased Destroyer and his carbon copy "brother", who was somehow one of the Aberrants (the bunch of generic Freak clones with generic abilities, ironically), as well as the creation of several "associates", "friends" and long-lasting "allies" of Dr. Schadenfreude and his minions. You know the deal. Typical unwelcome fanmade inserts.

Then, some rules were violated. That guy, still Soldine1000 at that time (ohgodwhy), violated rules like there was no tomorrow. You could bet if that there was a rule, he'd come and violate it. Even though (or because...?) they were all listed in a clear way in the Official Guide, as well as pointed out by several admins, he just kept going. He's kinda like that. The more you tell him and explain that he should stop, the more he does that thing. So there was that and the fanmade inserts stuff, which obviously continued in spite of SarisKhan's disapproval. No hard feelings back then, just suggesting the characters should be changed to remove all references to Schad and his cronies. Couldn't quite get to Soldine1000, though.

There were a couple of blocks. Not that long, but justified given the Gotta Violate 'Em All attitude. Eventually, in the first half of 2014 the conflict started to intensify. Our beloved halfwit, now known as THG, kept overreacting over then-current Kugawattan vs. Rivfruifv conflict and pestering SarisKhan about that as if he were personally involved. Trying to explain that did not accomplish much. More than that, THG had his ideas, you know, and they were being foiled. Because a mentally challenged kid attempting to fix what is not broken is totally worth thinking over. Yeah, no. But wait, there was more! The carbon copy fanmade insert stuff was still a hot topic. Increasingly annoyed, SarisKhan decided to discuss that issue in more detail to finally solve it. Guess what? Divider was there, in his infamous vanilla "Not-Destroyer" incarnation. Irritation had grown by that time, given it was one year of futile struggle to make THG stop doing his thing. Speaking of which, THG could not help but bring up Kugawattan vs. Rivfruifv issue again. That would happen a few more times, much to SarisKhan's chagrin.

So, this is important: reasonable rules, justified punishment, valid concerns and clear explanations. THG would have none of that. See, he knows better than anyone. Any rule that limits the things he wants to do is automatically unfair, quality control "should be dealt with", it is totally fine to steal and rape somebody's intellectual property and dismiss the disapproval of said property's owner, and blocks just mustn't be longer than a month or so... uhm, because. Because when you punish a repeat offender in real life it's perfectly viable to put him in a jail for a month, let him go and repeat his crimes only to get imprisoned for another month, vicious cycle-style. Yeah. That and the admins were the bad guys there. How could they block an obstinate and self-righteous repeat violator of rules? The monsters.

Mid StagesEdit

And the conflict continued.

It was about that time THG ran away to this very wiki. You know, the filthy cesspool of uncreative crap with no rules nor admins whatsoever, because fun. With a "good riddance" attitude SarisKhan told THG once again to remove references to the former's Freaks from the carbon copy "brothers and friends" dudes and wanted to forget about the conflict. Nope. THG still had a lot to say about that. There are probably 20 or so messages spread across a few wikis and other forms of internet communication that tell THG to sod off, but he couldn't. Like, you know his gimmick? The more you tell him to stop, the harder he does that thing. There was some bullshit about "help", "forgiveness", and the admins and SarisKhan having to "atone" or "face" what they had done. Really. Because we were the monsters, remember. This continued for several gradually more aggravating months.

No amount of explanation seemed to work. No matter how hard several people attempted to emphasise that it was THG who started and prolonged the conflict, he had his own opinions. He was the innocent victim, the good guy, the hero empowered with oh so righteous indignation. The others were stupid, evil, or both. Somewhat amusingly, however, this included the beginnings of "you're an idiot" theme that has since become a staple of any subsequent discussion with THG worth attention. Because, you see, he doesn't comprehend figurative language and simple insults. He also thinks he's clever. I'm afraid not.

Months, months. Ultimately, SarisKhan had to endure a period of mental breakdown caused by several real life issues in the first half of 2015. Understandably, he sought safe haven in the interwebs to forget about the real stuff for a while and do something silly instead in order to relax, if briefly. Nope. THG was there, ready to spout his old bullshit again. Naturally, nothing worked to make him stop. There was also this threat of reporting SarisKhan's "hostile behaviour" (on a wiki, btw) to YouTube staff in order to close the latter's account. Silly, empty threat in retrospect, but one badly timed given SarisKhan's horrible mental shape back then.

Since THG had a habit of getting blocked at various wikis, he kept stalking SarisKhan across others, at least 2 if not more. He got blocked over there as well, in the end. Nevertheless, periods of rest were short and there was no telling when THG comes back with his asinine claims and psychological projection to go all "no u" on people who pointed out his flaws and transgressions. Slowly but surely recovering from the breakdown, SarisKhan eventually decided that seeing polite and professional solutions did not work, he had to try evil. Fight fire with fire, so to speak.

Sometime in the middle of this, one of Dr. Lazlo's friends had THG chronicled in the Cancer Curing Crew under the name "CCF-033". 

Late StagesEdit

Then, SarisKhan did a review on ToxicHolyGrenade's well-known fan-favourite Freak, Divider. In SarisKhan's review on Divider, he stated that Divider was a carbon copy of one his own Freaks, Destroyer, as well as pointed out multiple flaws to the concept characteristic of a generic Mary Sue-class concept. ToxicHolyGrenade angered by this decided to insult SarisKhan for his review. Soon people sided with Saris and agreeing that Divder was a carbon copy, while friends of ToxicHolyGrenade denied that Divider was a carbon copy. The conflict grew more and more heated and soon multiple people joined in on the ensuant mockery as Divider and other super-original, donut steel Freaks of THG's make were relentlessly improved vandalised. In the meantime, SarisKhan decided to launch a new wikia, TF2 Freakshow Concept Wikia as a refuge away from ToxicHolyGrenade, his friends and followers. On that wikia SarisKhan banished ToxicHolyGrenade, his sockpuppets and his friend's account.

Soon mostly everyone moved to the TF2 Freakshow Concept Wiki while wiki contributors and registered users vandalized ToxicHolyGrenade's freaks and parts of the TF2 Freak Concept Wiki. Through October and November, everything on the TF2 Freakshow Concept Wiki was running smoothly.

Sometime in late-September or October, ToxicHolyGrenade found refuge in a wiki called Garry's Mod Fanon Wiki where many articles were stolen from the TF2 Freakshow Wiki. There ToxicHolyGrenade befriended the wiki's creator, Nin10doGmod and placed the articles of his Freaks. Nin10doGmod seems to be insane and tends to overreact in a hilariously over-the-top manner, so the two are a good match.

In late-Novemeber and early-December, the interest of the THG conflict came back when Devad, a friend of ToxicHolyGrenade and the creator of the Synthet[Class] (carbon copies of Sherman's Cybors) insulted (more attempted to threaten is what he did) BurgerLord for making fun of ToxicHolyGrenade. This event, as well as refusal to reconsider his position in the light of explanation and evidence, made Devad get permabanned by SarisKhan from the TF2 Freakshow Concept Wiki.

On December 13, 2015, ToxicHolyGrenade was blocked across the entire wikia network while also sadly blocking BurgerLord the Random Person too, so unfortunately he had to create a secondary account. Much later Devad, the friend of ToxicHolyGrenade was also banned across the entire wikia network, but not before he turned on THG and his rabid fanboys. Finally, Nin10doGmod's unoriginal wiki was taken down.

On January 5, 2016, ToxicHolyGrenade convinced the Wikia Staff to block Kugawattan for a week. However, in retaliation, wiki members from the Freakshow Concept wiki reported ToxicHolyGrenade. With the way things were going for him (as well as the entire TF2 Freakshow community now being thoroughly fed up with his bullshit antics), it seemed that ToxicHolyGrenade would realize that he had no choice but go to the f**king moon.

As of January 6, 2016, ToxicHolyGrenade was blocked from the wiki servers.

Regardless, the conflict proceeded to continue, what with THG's many alt-accounts ready to circumvent a wikia-wide block. After some futile attempts to twist the facts and attempt to shift the blame on others, as of January 11, 2016, Invasiongineer aka THG Mk. X seems to have finally apologised and promised to leave the entire TF2 FreakShow community alone, forever. This may be the end to an idiotic storm in a teacup that had been raging on across wiki talk pages, message walls, YouTube hate-vids and deviantart journals for about three years or so.


Except not.

For at least two more days, THG continued to pester everyone. Asked to leave everybody alone he naturally started asking asinine questions and accusing people of carbon-copying his concepts (see the irony here?). January 13, 2016 saw Lazlo finally take up the issue with the Staff, who looked into it and permabanned THG's account. It was now finally over... for about a single day, or so. You see, because THG's reflex reaction to being blocked/banned is to promptly circumvent said punishment. Seriously, it's his 11th account, go figure.

While he is still at large and at this rate probably will always be, the most he can do is bitch some more and get blocked. Again. And again. And then some.

As of 1/16/2016, THG apologized to everyone he's harassed (along with Devad), presumably ending the war peacefully though a few more arguments were still made. At the request of Dr. Lazlo, Wikia staff member Josephyr banned THG's accounts and also his IP.

And that my friends is the end of a interesting and evil conflict...

YEAH, no. Again. He returned in Februar, 2016 as DrillerDXR. As of now, he doesn't even know what's going on.

The Perpetration EraEdit


The Perpetration Era takes place during the last stages of the THG Conflict. Could this be the battle to end all battles?

Back in January, 4th 2016, Devad made a thread in order to mock BurgerLord, however, in an unexpected twist, Devad turned on THG, knowing that he's leading Devad down a life of internet infamy and is now friends and acquaintances with a handful of people in the GMod community. However, on January, 16th 2016, THG tried to bribe his way in to the community, saying (and I quote: "Saris, I'm sorry for "ordering" (keep in mind he put quotations around ordering, as if it was an exaggeration) you around, and, being such a self-rightous cunt to everyone here. As for you UselessTeam, If you'd forgive me (also, keep in mind he said "if you forgive me"), I would gift you a special TF2 hat, and a weapon for free as an apology. The hat in question is the Assassin Grade, A Well Wrapped Hat, and the Commando Grade, Night Terror Scattergun, and a Mercenary Grade, Shot to Hell Pistol. You people as a community, is a fair, successful, and a great one as well. I really wish to be forgiven and to be part of the community once more, and hopefully Shadow would forgive me as well. Please, Please, give me another chance, its you're choice. If you still hate me, I understand. But, I want you to no longer annoy, and vandalize my Freak articles, or else this "conflict" (And now he tries to guilt trip them by saying "IF YOU DON'T FORGIVE ME, THIS WAR WILL KEEP GOING") will go unsettled forever. I also apologize for being extremely aggressive towards you and you're

UselessTeam, you we're an amazing person to have the pleasure to hang out with.

Kuga, if you're reading this, I want to apologize for anything I've done to your community, and I wish you'd forgive me and treat me as part of your community again. If you'll forgive me, I will gift you a TF2 item for free as an apology, a Commando Grade, Blue Mew Rocket Laucher, the Mercenary Grade Diplomat, and a Killstreak Air Strike since Soldier is your favourite class.

Saris, I apologize for ripping off your characters, and other aformentioned, horrible things I had done. If you'd forgive me, I will give you a TF2 item for free, a Mercenary Grade, Strange Berlin Brain Bowl, and The Space Diver.

ShermanZAtank, I apologize for everything I've done with you, and hopefully you'll understand. If you'll forgive me, I will gift you some TF2 items for free as an apology. Items in question are the Mercenary Grade, Strange Graylien, the Strange Chicago Overcoat, A Hat to Kill For, and a Strange Cloak and Dagger." 

This, of course, grabbed BurgerLords attention and he decided to mess with him some more. But what really sparked the war was this: "I WANT YOU TO STOP COPYING MY FREAKS. YOU'VE STOLEN DIVIDER, AND NOW NEXUS?!

GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! I'd rather report you to the Wikia staff if you refuse to remove the carbon-copies to my Freaks. Simple as that."

Around March, 20th 2016, THG seemed to have died down...until a user by the name of "HolyToxicGrenade" came and added fuel to the fire (Oddly enough, HTG isn't THG, as they seem to be at each others necks).

Soon enough, THG later created a DA journal against FinalPrank titled "FinalPrick". In the journal, he discussed his relationship with FinalPrank.

Then later early June 2016, ToxicHolyGrenade called out BurgerLord for his "carbon copy" of Divider under the title "He Tipping me Off!".

On June 6th, 2016, the conflict officially ended with his newest journal "What Have I Done?"


Archives from the 2014-2016 era Edit

Combatants Edit

The FreakShow Community

Saris Khan

Fancymann (I'm back, let's do this like men.)

The President (was blocked for a week, now back)



ShermanZATank (Formerly)

Rivfruifv (Sorta gave up for a while before coming back to tell THG that his breath smells)


BurgerLord ("I'm BACK")

Courtyard (Born to live)

Uncle Crusty ("Meme Man Jammin' makes me kek")

Other/Additional Members Edit

Cancer Curing Crew (

Adzy Duff Rain (Friend of Lazlo's, admin of the CCC)

SoftcapSoldier (Defected from the THG Army)

Devad (Defected from the THG Army) (You did good, son.)

ToxicHolyGrenade Edit

ToxicHolyGrenade - The FreakShow Community's greatest enemy (Permabanned) (From Devad: To hell with your Divider!!!)

Other/Additional Members Edit

OmegaMario89 - Rabid Fanboy of THG

Nin10doGmod - Rabid Fanboy of THG (Wiki taken down)

Other Edit

Admiral Trainstorm - Can beat Viewtiful Joe on Ultra V Rated (nothing wrong with that)

LEtheCreator (unaware of the later stages)

Friendly Neighborhood Evil Genius Spider-Mad

Josephyr - Staff member


  • THG wants this article removed (and repeatedly tries to do so) because he thinks reality and people have a magic reset button and everyone could/should/has to forget about past wrongdoings. That and universally visible and accessible wiki talk page stuff with a sardonic description somehow "exposes his privacy". Ironically, he doesn't seem to realise that he could've simply stopped at any point throughout the past few years so that there hadn't been a reason for this article to exist in the first place.

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