ok here's the fucking story: Franklin and his sister Harriet we're wandering at the forest. Harriet was in the wagon while Franklin was walking. Franklin stopped at the hill, beacuse he wanted to go down safely, but he noticed that that's small one, so there's no problem by riding it down. It ended up badly, Harriet got her leg bleeding and Franklin wanted to get her home fast. When he headed home, his mom wanted to help him with cooking crystal meth, she gave him the ingridients for it, but she didn't noticed that she was giving him cocaine. Franklin for accident poured all the cocaine in the bowl, he mixed it all to make his mom not notice that he did an accident. When he was done, he grabbed his cocaine thinking that its crystal meth. He gave it to his friends at the tree house, and they went full blazed and energized. By the chaos that was going on in there, tree house fell off. Next day, Franklin and his friends, went on the their soccer training. Their coach will not be able to do trainings for couple of weeks, so he gave the whistle to the best player in team, of course it was Franklin. Everyone we're giving great shots with ball, but then skunk died by hitting her head on the stone. Franklin said that he's not very good at being coach, so he gave the whistle to the Beaver. When Beaver was the coach, goose wasn't doing pretty well with soccer, so she left the team. Franklin was upset about it, so he asked Goose if he wants to have sex tomorrow, to make her feel better. Goose said yes. The next day, Franklin came over, and he wanted to tell that he don't really wants to fuck eachother, but Goose was very happy about it that Franklin wants to fuck, so he did it anyway. When they were inside, Goose first did a blowjob to Franklin, and then he put his dick into her tight pussy. He ejaculated on her face and the couch. They both felt great aboout it, and Franklin headed back home. Next day, Goose came over and told Franklin about secret club. Muskart created the club. Franklin wanted to join, but she said that no snails are allowed in the club. Franklin went to the forest with snail to grab the rock and smash him against the ground to join the club. Next day, Franklin found the camera. Beaver wanted to make photos for her. Franklin didn't liked that, so he headed back home. Harriet wanted him to read a book for her, so he did it. Harriet wanted him to read all the time the same book, he tried to convince her to read for her Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, she didn't liked that one, she stil wanted him to read the same book, about Pepe the Frog. After reading it, he saw the bird in the window, that was a great chance for him to get Harriets attention off, so Franklin can break her neck, and rape her. At the night, he was writing the letter to the famous child rapist about Franklins first huntings, then he saw the RPG. He thought that he can use it for great ocassion, so he kept it. Next day, a Rabbit came over to offer him gay sex, but Franklin said he's not gay and he likes only to fuck childers. Rabbit said that he does it too, so Franklin accepted his offer. Frankling first came up with his dick into his small tight ass, he started to going in slowly, and then went on full hardcore, they both were sweating and both of them were in very good mood. When Franklin was done, he ejaculated with big load on Rabbits face, after all of that, they both went to sleep. In the morning, Franklin came over to Rabbits house to see that he bought for his mom at Mothers Day. It was a dildo for BDSM playstyle. Franklin was upsted, beacuse he never did BDSM before, but he wanted so much to do it. Suddenly, he met his dad, he said that he wants to fuck with him, beacuse he loves him. They did it on the street, Franklin sucked dad's cock. Dad said that he's blowing too hard, so Franklin hopped his ass on Dads dick, and they started to have sex. Dad cummed all over his son. After their moment of love, a mole was waiting for them at train station, so they came over. Franklin's dad still had cum on his hand and he messed up Mole's hand with jizz. Next day, Franklin called Rabbit a motherfucker for telling what they did in the bushes. Now everyone thinks that Franklin is gay. He had problems now, his parents can't know about it that he's gay, so he tried to hide the truth. Next day, Franklin had to do what he had to do. He came over at Rabbits bus stop, to do for him an apology for calling him motherfucker, also Rabbit said sorry to Franklin for saying that they we re fucking eachother. Franklin also said that he fucked his dad yesterday, so Rabbit don't have to worry about. Later, Franklin came over his home. When he came back, he saw Mr. Mole and his son. Both of them went to Franklins room to have some fun, Franklin pured the golden fish into the waterglass with fishes, while Mole was playing with his toys. Suddenly, Mole found Franklins toy airplane, and then the Vietnam flashbacks hit Franklin. Beacuse of that, Franklin had enough of it, and he broke Mole's neck. Next day, Fox was laughing from Franklin that he fucked with Rabbit, so everyone now knows that hes gay for sure. Franklin and Bear came over to Fox's house to kill him and his Dad. They failed with it, so Franklin had to do it on his own. Next day, he found Fox's dad talking with a reported, so he used a good situation and Franklin threw a rake right into Fox's eye by smashins his brain. Franklin came over to his friends to play with them. They didn't want to play, beacuse he was too gay for them. When he was wandering alone, Goose came over to him, and said that she knows what pet he sould have. She said that the best pet is dinosaur. Franklin knew that she's so retarded, that she don't deserve to live, so he hit her in the head with baseball bat doing her critical brain injury. When he headed back come, he was upset about that his friends we're laughing from him that he was gay, so he had a plan. At night he drew a plan for makeshift bombs. He started the work, he made one C4 to blow up Muskrats house. When his alarm ticked, he woke up to come over to her house, and plant the C4. He was too smart for everyone, he knew every step of his every friend. Fox tried to hide from him, but Franklin already found him, he made him unconscious, so he used the situation, and he hanged the fox on the tree. His next target was Bear, he threw the ball into his throat making him choke to death. Another victim was beaver, when she was in the good spot, ready to attack, he grabbed his knife, and stabbed her 60 times in the face and chest. He had to hide the bodies, so he started to dig up the ground to make graves for his friends. He couldn't do it, and he hadn't too much time, it was too late. The last thing that he could do was to commit suicide. He grabbed the rope, found the biggest tree what he could, and hang himself to end the misery of his life. The end.

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