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The Uncle Paulo Revival League is an intimidatingly uninteresting group of people who have recently united in a new political movement to bring back none other than the great Uncle Paulo. They have made it their sole purpose in life to dorp it up in the scene with shitty Gmod may-mays and Pokeletmons and stealing images for their TF2 FreakShow articles. They consider President Keagerstein their leader I guess because he's a memetic Uncle Paulo guy who doesn't really make videos does he.


Sometimes they go into grocery stores and disguise as employees to organize shelves so I guess that could be considered an organization.

The gang so farEdit

Soldmeem Ear Rape rofl funny XD: Basically the guy who tries to be a meme and is kinda one in a way and is also a Soldine fanboy; basically think of Tone Soldier minus the interesting. He's also Jessie's girlfriend by the looks of it because Uncle Paulo did a thing a while back where the Soldier's girlfriend was a fanservice so why the fuck not.

So-So game of Solitaire: He's a detective guy who leads his dork gang into the next battle. He is capable of influence and losing at solitaire but he's claimed at one point to be the king of chess movies. Now to destroy the two victories.

Wario Pants of exposure: He likes money.

THAT FREAKIN' SNIPE BLUE EDITION: I'm blue da ba dee da boo die and da boo de da boo die and da boo de da boo die and da boo de da boo die and da boo de da boo die and da boo de da boo die and da boo de da boo die and da boo de da boo die and da boo de da boo die.

Ed and Eddy without the Edd: Two guys who have been best friends for ages and find Shad-o videos funny. Their love for memes inspired the creation of the gang after sending the Solitaire guy a message in a bottle and throwing it out into the ocean. They had a third guy who was smart but he left a while ago because they already had an enginemaster on the team. Since they are lime and lemon flavored they can also combine into one to make Sprite for promotional purposes via Sodeanator's fantastic spokesperson capabilities.

Dr. "Gaaaiii...": So he's kinda like SarisKhan in a way in that he answers everything with three in German but he's also a robot and wears a hat from a 50's detective drama. His abilities include impersonating action movie antagonists and opening the fridge door for his BBW pals.

JESSIE'S GIRL: Soldine's girlfriend and the Solitaire dude's partner in crime sometimes, but y'know Jessie is a boy's name so wouldn't that make her or him or them a hermaphrodite of some kind? Send me a message to tell me your opinion on the matter.

Speedfreak Productions: Also known as "Super Smash Bros. Melee the official person"; a Porygon that is capable of transforming into a complete loser who defies Gardevoir porn icon. He invented Pokemon and can speed around kinda like a hedgehog but he doesn't really have a story that can pull the player in like Sonic Adventure 2 does. He listens to post-punk music sometimes though, so I guess that's a plus.

Fun factsEdit

  • They might be weak against good animation.

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