theinklingcapitalist (AKA edward or CRAPITALIST and sometimes straight up CRAP) is the 3rd sub boss of omegamario89's EVIL SCHEME of world domination. and is the boss of the MCDONALD'S PLAY PLACE level in megaman 7.

Inklingcrapitalist in the pre boss cutscene after blowing up mcdonalds

theinklingcapitalist is an italian purple inkling who speaks the most broken form of english since the japanese dubbed their own anime. he tries to be funny and random but started becoming a tryhard edgelord when burgerlord and evatron threw garbage at him for being the only person to make a submission during omegamario89's "kick the evatron collab" incident. he also makes MS paint under aged fetish art but you can figure that out from a mile away

combat statistics Edit

theinklingcapitalist has an extremely complex battle tactic that is so complicated, when mustered, it seems to his adversary that he is an actual retard. he begins by going to one's comment section in their profile and calling them a fag to leave his "friends" alone. the second he gets retaliated upon, he will take off his shirt in real life (this is not a fucking joke, he actually does this) and beg you to leave him alone or he will report you which has never worked once ever.

if the opponent leaves him alone, inklingcapitalist will return several days later and repeat the above. if the opponent proceeds to attack him, he will snowball into recording himself on webcam with no shirt on, screaming and punching his webcam as an attempt to strike fear in his enemy's eyes.

on the side of him insulting you with broken english, edward will make sfm and gmod art of himself crying (sometimes naked idk why).

upon defeating inklingcapitalist you will obtain the "shoe launcher" which is effective against CAPTAIN DEMOMAN

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