Blocking is a common feature that is mostly seen throughout the Internet. It is implemented commonly on forums, IRCs and of course wikis. It's main purpose is to maintain balance and peace on a community by keeping out a certain user from doing actions due their inflammatory behaviour.

Reasons for Being Blocked



  • Harassment/Irking
  • Advertising


Since we have chat enabled onto our wikia, you're able to be blocked or unable to use our chat system.

Being chat blocked differa from being blocked from the wikia since you're instead blocked from using a feature on the wikia but still able to use the wikia besides chat.


You are not being blocked because an admin or bureaucrat dislikes or hates you. Your being blocked for not following our Rules and ToU. If you think your being blocked because an admin/bureaucrat dislikes you contact n8five484 or admins you trust.

Blocking Periods

  • One Day
  • Three Days
  • One Week
  • Three Weeks
  • One Month
  • Two Months
  • One Year
  • Permanent/Ban

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