Vandalizing, Spamming, Harassing, Sockpuppeting is one of the four major reasons for getting a block on Wikia and of course, even here.

Since these are major reasons for why users daily get blocked on Wikia, two have different blocking periods with the exception of spamming and harassing.



One of the common reasons for why users get daily blocked worldwide on Wikia. Vandalizing is editing an article and destroying or wrecking on article like replacing everything with "I HATE YOU. GO TO HELL,".

Blocking Period

Since they are major and common, vandalizing will gain you a three weeks block and so on. Let me repeat to you again, a three weeks block and so on.


There are two reason for what causes many users to vandalize articles.

  • For fun. Many people often tend to think that vandalizing is funny which IT IS NOT.
  • Sometimes vandalism are personal attacks directed at a certain person or group.

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