After one week, my block has now ended allowing me to enjoy the freedok of continuing of fixing this wiki up along with new articles while watching it over.

If you wondering what was the cause of my block, let me tell you.

One day, I was browsing through the wiki activity at Community Central and found a thread about Rome Viharo, where he himself was angered that he was exposed in several wikis. I went to the wikis and looked at Rome's article and found out he was a troll and even had his own article ON RATIONAL WIKI.

So I decided this was some good material to work from, but then the wiki was closed so since I was an expert at importing, I decided to get the Rome article by exporting and importing the article onto here. Unfortunately it messed up some of the wiki. After importing the wiki's articles, I changed them or in other words, sporked them to make it unfunny.

Then Sactage came along and bull fucked the wiki and banned me similar to THG.

But the blocked basically prevented my urge to use my phone since I was going to Yellowstone, so in a way it was good.

So I guess enjoy my return while listening to this song.



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