The Vagineer is the last ever created TF2 Freak and is one of the most hated by the community. He was created by YouTube user J16FOX2.

Vagineer's real name is Arpeggio Von Cutscene.
The Biggest Loser

Vagineer's final form.


Contrary to belief, Vagineer is actually just one guy that has the ability to change the color of his clothes and can clone himself. His malformed face is stretched upward to resemble the male genitalia, which is totally where he got his name from.

He also APPEARS in videos (haha get it im funny yo.)



Their has been several theories of the origins of this guy because nobody can agree on one story.

First TheoryEdit

Vagineer first appeared as the protagonist to Half-Life 2 and saved the world by transforming other Engineers into normal people, but it's impossible for this theory to be true because nobody cares about Half-Life anymore. It's all about TF2, baby!

Second TheoryEdit

The second theory is that the Vagineer is actually just a regular guy who disguises as an alien.

Third TheoryEdit

The third theory says that the Vagineer started out as an entire species but eventually became endangered, with the titular one being the last one left.

Personality & BehaviorEdit

The Vagineer is actually a pretty cool guy when you get to know him. He loves to hang out with people and never wants to hurt anyone. Best of all, he doesn't afraid of anything.

He thinks that lots and lots and lots and loads and lots and lots und and lots and lots of thingys R sinister...


"This is very extremely sinister yo"

"Gaze onward brothers, OUR WORLD OF TOMORROW!"

"ACTION-SAW! Bzzz bzzz bzz cut cut cuttify mind the sharp edges my good chums."

"S.O.S! LOSER inbound! Go away square we do not accept your kind OKAAY"


Unnoticeable VideosEdit

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