Valleydalism is a everyday term used mostly in the California region near Lost Angels for farmers, hillbillies, and you can't forget, rednecks!

Because many farmers in the California region are subject to breaking the law as to why there existed a long, major drought in California by using up all their water for their cops and weed.

Emptyology Edit

The word "Valleydalism" originates obviously as compound word between "valley" and the suffix "-ism". To this day no one knows where the "dal" though many people consider it to originate from "dale", "dandelions", or the Rocky Mountains.

Risks Edit

Most of the arrests in America today are 20% from valleydalism. Unfortunately a hand a few of farmers are caught red handed only when they are seen doing it.

Additional risks include having to pay for damages, etc.

Known Participants of Valleydalism Edit

None as of Now.

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