Why I Avoid My Bathroom

You never seemed alone in my bathroom if you’re a kid. When me and my mom were making dinner, I brought up the concept on you not being alone in there. I was 8 at the time and I had no idea that my mom would get mad at me for trying to make a bathroom joke. I hated those jokes and my mom knew that too. She changed the subject when she was done yelling at me. After her “punishment” I felt like I was about to cry. After dinner I went to bed and then I had to get up and go to the bathroom. When I got there, it really felt like I was not alone. When I  was done washing my hands I was scared, because there is a long hallway between my bedroom and the bathroom. I went back to bed and then I heard moaning coming from the bathroom. I thought it was just my cat so I shrugged it off and went back to bed. After I slept for a while the moaning started again and this time it was followed by the cabinet door being rattled. Again I shrugged it off as nothing because my cat always likes to try to get into the cabinet. The next day I told my mom what I had heard the night before. She thought the same thing that I did and she shrugged it off  like nothing. I started to get mad, When  I got mad I had to go take a nap, which I  thought was not fair at all. I went and took a nap and then when I woke up. I always have to go to the bathroom when I wake up. So I went to the bathroom, and I swear I saw something move behind the shower curtains but when I checked nothing was there. When I stepped out I heard banging on the cabinet this time rather than rattling. I ran out and my dad said “What’s wrong? Are you scared of the bathroom now?” I replied “uhh no I just had extra energy”. I knew that this was a lie and my dad didn’t seem to notice that. Then when I was taking a shower. I swear I saw the cabinet open and something come out of it. Then the shadow of the cabinet and the thing disappeared. After that happened I started crying/screaming for my mom to come. She came in and she asked me if I was alright, I said I was fine and that there was something in the cabinet. After I said that she started to turn a little pale. I asked her what was wrong. She said that she needed to talk to me after I was done taking a shower. A little while later I was done with my shower. I went into the living room and asked my mom about what she needed to talk to me about. She said there was something living under our sink. I was really scared and kind of intrigued too. When my mom started telling me about the monster living under our sink, one part caught my attention. It only comes out at night. That explains why it exited the cabinet when I was taking a shower. It was  night and the lights were off. I really didn’t believe the rest of the story so when she was done I shrugged it off as a tall tale. When I went to bed though I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. So I usually leave the hallway light off but tonight I  was actually scared of that one part that mom told me. So I turned on the hallway light, the guest room light, the living room light, and then finally I brought my cat in so if that  thing did come out she would protect me. Luckily that thing didn’t come out. When I went and turned all of the lights off including the bathroom one. I went back to bed. When I got there I heard my door creak open, I was terrified. I calmed down just a bit when I heard my cats meow. I let her up onto my bed and went to go lock my door this time to make sure nobody came in. I regret doing that now, when I locked my door  I heard the cabinet door open.  I thought about screaming but that would only get the things attention. That’s when I heard nails scraping against my floor. I was thinking “uh oh moms going to be so mad at me when she sees that the floor might be scratched up”. When I started looking for a weapon and a safe place to hide my cat. I put my cat in my laundry basket and I found a mirror to smash over the things head if it managed to get it. Then I thought about how it hates light, I turned on my light but seconds later it turned off again. I said “Damnit! This thing can turn off lights at will!”  I started to panic when I heard its bony fingers try to open my door. I needed to think. then I looked under my  door and what I saw what horrifying. It had no eyes or at least somebody had stitched its eyes  closed. It had Dog Like feet but stood on two legs. Its mouth was stitched into a smile and it was light pink. Its face was twisted and its mouth was too far away from its nose and all I was thinking was no no no oh god why now…?“ it started tampering with my door knob trying to get into my room then I noticed it was pulling my door not pushing it. that’s when I chuckled a little and it looked down to the door. I started panicking. I pulled away from the door so fast that I made a loud bang that hopefully scared the thing away. When I peeked through my keyhole there was nothing there. I stayed up all night and the next morning I called the police and they came over bt all the evidence they could find of the thing were the drips of blood on the floor. They Identified it as blood type A and it had belonged to a woman that had gone missing weeks prior but they had never found the body… When I started looking for people that had the same experience as me years later I only found people who knew somebody that had died to this thing. Guess I was the only survivor. I was proud but also terrified as the thing might come back and try to kill me again… I hope not…

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