"Garry's Mod was a mistake"
- Xho speaking the truth
- Xho's morning routine

Ex-Hoe is an Indian-Indian Gmodder and quite frankly, the edgiest person alive. He created Mightmare Nedic and many other unknown characters over the lament of his tiny dick (which isn't actually that tiny at all, nor is it actually a human's dick). He might also be Busta Rhymes, though there is not enough evidence to support that. He was also once a hoe, hence his name being shortened down to Xho. He is also female.

Biography Edit

Quite possibly the experiment of two time-travelling edgelords known as Bill & Ted, Xho was born in 2009 (or 16,028 AD or perhaps BC, for he does not know) and due to his overt edginess, killed everyone in the cave (or lab) he was born (or grown) in. He starved to death not long after, the first of many deaths in his long life. He also made the Mayan Calendar, which was some funny shit to predict his 18,041st birthday to mess with gullible teenagers. He was killed after that as well because his friends also found it funny, starting a long line of edginess which ended in making TF2 Freaks.

He actually lived through the Black Death and had watched The Exorcist 167 times, finding it funnier each time he saw it. He became so edgy that he was also known as Genghis Khan at some point in time (2280's AD), and started breaking down shitty warrs to mess with the Chinese Empire. Unfortunately he died in the second attempt. After that, he had an impromptu sex change and became male, earning his title as a hoe. He also changed his name to OluapPlayer in that time, though had to be changed back to Xho because of TF2Coverop's lawsuit scandal.

It was not only until 1994 where he died, did he become an ex-hoe. He started his long winding path of acting like a normal human until he was subject to TF2 Freaks and made Mightmare Nedic, the edigest of the edge - so edgy that his weapon transforms into MILLIONS OF OTHER EDGES. He got a small fanbase and then died, because Mightmare Nedic cut him in many places, causing him to bleed out. He then stated a comic series in the Ninth Circle of Hell a.k.a. DeviantART, though he contracted the normie disease and pulled himself out of that cesspool. He left behind many great masterpieces of art, although they were all lost in a fire which he also died in.

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