Nothing seems like relaity antmore. Ir seems kike the fabriscs of relaity are skuooign awat making everythinh seem beyond orfinary.

Thos all occured in a rainy Sunday aftersnon. Afrwe eating oatmeak for breakfast I dressed up in one of my preey blue skirs i had in my closet. As soon as I went out the door i noticied everyinh seemed to be misssinglike the cars and oeioke walking tje dteet.

rgqt vqm! Aometrhibbg came ouy iog thr sdkyu/\./ I honwarlt eob;r weqnqnwe qgEA gw kocked like. What is it an irbm, a blue muscuake gut? To this dya i don;t remeber.

ans soon i fell asleep.

d n

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