- Zodgineer; succeeding his temper about Neo losing.

Zodgineer is a Team Fortress Too Edgy Freak defiantly not ripped off from the Spiderman supervillan, General Zod and completely original at no less than $0.80 by GrenadeaHoliToxica and later adopted and abuse by Kurtyard!

The theme song of this new TV show is Man of Balls - Mozilla Application Suit.

Cult of Personality and Behaviour Edit

Zodgineer is known to be a happy person, always shown to be happy all the time. Obvious as it sounds, it doesn't require much to get him happy, since he loses his temper incredibly easily. His watercooler-headed nature also proves to be his waterfall. In his eyes, water sprays down his face and by the way; btw, should kill themselves for all he cares.

Zodgineer and Neo never get along very well due to Zodgineer's happy attitude towards him, and his generatesity towards human beings. However, Neo invites him to a bar whenever there's a greater treat occurring, such as The Black (racist) Plague, and SynthetMedic's plan to destroy the TF2 Freak world in order to recreate it for the TF2 Freak world.

San Andreas Fault and Weaknesses to Pepper Spray Edit

Zodgineer owns every single ability that the world has. This is how he does it. You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge .

  • Goes to Italian mobsters and asks for cocaine.
  • He then kill cocaine with cut of female hair

With Superhuman Durability Invincible forever in hell, he can be shot, stabbed, and he can also be unrememberable. His happiness always gets him into trouble, meaning he can be outmaneuvered by planes who are in the same strength rank as he is, including Neo from Stars Treks: The Matrix.

What you'll Need Edit

  • a life
  • a bleach
  • a pyrocynical/leafyishere/a bunch of fucking letters video
  • an apartment in new fork with a window in order to throw yourself out
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